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How does the Kristalpad work?

The secret to the Allure Kristalpad lies in its ultrafine crystalline design. Allure Kristalpad is a gentle depilation method, dermatologically tested with ‘Very good’ as its test result. It’s subtle enough so it doesn’t damage your skin and powerful enough to remove the most stubborn hairs from the roots. It works completely painless and is a 100% natural depilation system that works by means of thousands of microscopically small crystals. Because the hair follicles are turned open you can reach much deeper than for example with a razor blade and you can depilate from the roots.

Designed in Switserland and quite possibly the best depilation product in the world. Better for the environment and better for you!

What are the advantages versus for example razor blades?

With the Allure Kristalpad, there is less stubble forming compared to razor blades. The top of the hair becomes rounder and less angled, that is why the chance of ingrown hairs is considerably smaller. Shaving takes place without skin irritation and at the same time your skin gets a lovely peeling and dead skin cells are removed.

The Allure Kristalpad can be used anywhere in the world. You no longer need electricity or water.

Gone are those little bleeding cuts and scars. No more skin irritation. Do make sure not to apply too much pressure during the depilation. Namely the Allure Kristalpad works at the speed of the circular motion, not at the pressure you apply. The more gently you press, the better the result and the longer the Kristalpad lasts.

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How do I make the Kristalpad ready for use?

A starter set contains a large and a small plastic glove. Added separately are the Kristal stickers, these are self-adhesive; remove the protection strip at the back and place it neatly in the middle of the glove.

If the Kristal sticker gets worn out, then remove the old one. Remove glue remains with alcohol or turpentine and place a new sticker on the glove. Order your new stickers in our online shop.

How do I use the Kristalpad

Lay the glove on your skin and simply make a few fast circular movements, clockwise and subsequently counter clockwise. It is very important to move fast and without applying any pressure. The hairs must still be able to move between your skin and the pad. Note: your skin should be completely clean and free of oils and cosmetics.

The circular movements open up the hair follicles, enabling maximum hair removal. By subsequently turning counter clockwise, the Kristalpad will remove all remaining hairs.

What can I use the Kristalpad for?

Both men and women can use the Allure Kristalpad. Use the large glove for large surfaces, the small glove for the smaller surfaces. The working action remains the same.

*Women: suitable for Legs, Arms, Armpits, Bikini line, Jawline, Upper lip, Face, separate hairs on the body. Not suitable for women’s head hair.
 suitable for Chest, Back, Neck, Legs, Arms, Armpits, Separate hairs on the body. For men the Kristalpad is not suitable for beard and head hair.

  • Kristalpads can be washed under the warm tab, for example with a tooth brush.
  • Kristalpad works without electricity or water, so convenient depilation at home or while traveling.
  • Kristalpad is the only depilation system that is allowed to go in your hand luggage when traveling by plane!
  • Be sure not to apply any pressure, the Kristalpad works on speed, not on force.
  • During the depilation you can see your skin turning white, these are dead skin cells which you can remove in the shower, with a towel or after applying lotion.
  • Arm pits can get moist fast. Treat them with baby powder first if you would like to depilate dry, hold your arm up and pull the skin tight.
  • Loose skin at for example your bikini zone or face should be pulled tight as well, otherwise you will only move the skin and the Kristalpad won’t be able to grasp the hairs.
  • Never apply a lotion right after depilation, the alcohol in the lotion could cause skin irritation. Wait a few minutes.
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