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Without blades, painful depilation strips or smelly creams, Kristalpad offers an excellent, painless depilation solution, especially for the legs and the upper lip. Hairs stay away longer than with other depilation solutions. And new hairs can easily be removed again. Easy to bring along while travelling as well.

The Kristalpad works great, you have to do the circular movements well (fast) yourself and indeed, you should not use pressure. Hairs fly off and the skin is soft. Is there an application that also supports the clockwise/counter clockwise circular motion?

I’m a fan. Because your legs become so incredibly soft, softer than with a razor blade. My sister bought me the largest set, but you can also start out with the small one. I use it in the bathroom, but you could do it anywhere, because you use it dry and without shaving foam. It takes a bit of practice to get used to it, you have to make fast circular movements and not press too hard. There are videos on the website, it’s really very easy. Say goodbye to razor blades.

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